MT-106-D1 duck egg cleaning candling machine

Full automatic washing machine with candling function, with special brush, workers can pick up bad eggs, cracked eggs with candling.


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a) conveyor eggs in water, save labor, improve efficiency;
b) special nylon brush, good flexible, wear-resistant, clean, fast;
c) Made of 304 stainless steel, corrosion resistance;
2. function
a) two rows conveyor eggs in water: pour the Egg into the water, and can be transported by itself, two rows chains.
b) brush cleaning: use the special brush to clean, it keeps rotation in the process of cleaning that can clean whole eggs;
c)drying system: low temperature drying, remove the water attached to the egg surface (low temperature air-dried, will not cause damage to egg quality);
d) candling: workers can pick up bad eggs, cracked eggs with candling ;
3、technical parameters
Model: MT-106-D1
L * W * H: 10.3M*1.6M*2.1M
Power: 2.0KW
Capacity: 18000-20000 pieces / hour
4、suitable for: fresh duck eggs, mud eggs, salted duck eggs




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