MT-100-2Z egg cleaning grading and packing machine

Full automatic egg cleaning grading and packing machine, mainly to cleaning eggs, the process including washing, disinfection, drying, printing place, oiling, grading, automatic packing. After these process, eggs’ surface are clean, it can store with a longer time, greatly improve the quality and safety of fresh eggs.


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a) vacuum lifter: the robot automatically on the egg device, through the vacuum suction system, the eggs gently placed on the conveyor roller;
b) brush cleaning: use special brush, with warm water spray cleaning, effective removal of egg surface dirt, it does not affect the quality of egg products;
c) drying system: drying with air system, remove egg surface moisture, low temperature  that it does not affect the quality of egg quality;
d) candling: check eggs with high-quality LED light source, workers can pick up the bad eggs, cracked eggs
e) UV sterilization: the use of special ultraviolet light, kill the eggs bacteria
f) printing work place: Reserved printing work place, customer can printing enterprise brand, product date, or other information on the egg surface .
g) oiling system: the use of special devices of protective liquid mist, attach on the clean egg surface, egg products to achieve the purpose of preservation (this device to apply for national patents);
h) the electronic grading: through a specific computer program, you can set different levels of weight and statistics of the number of levels, and can set the machine work efficiency and a variety of process parameters;
i) automatic packing: graded eggs transported to different packaging lines automatically loaded into different eggs trays;

3、Technical parameters
Model: MT-100-2Z
L*W*H: 18.2M*9M*2.1M
Power: 25kw
Capacity:18,000-20,000 eggs/hour
3、suitable for: fresh duck/hen eggs, salted eggs




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