MT-110-2S Egg packing machine

The farm packing machine is a modern egg packing machine. It can directly connect with the egg collecting system in the henhouse, and automatically install the eggs. The farm packing machine is widely used in chicken (or duck) farms and egg processing plants. Reduce labor costs.


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a) column conveyor: Eggs by the central collection belt eggs transported to the whole table, in the orderly arrangement of the whole egg, the delivery to the next process;
b) egg adjustment: the machine will keep eggs the same direction, the big side up, that can ensure the freshness of eggs;
c) egg packing equipment: to adapt to different specifications, materials egg trays, they are gently placed in the egg trays;
d) egg tray delivery: According to the actual situation, egg tray can be divided into two kinds of automatic and manual;
e) the finished product delivery: After installation of the egg by the conveyor belt, it can collection by manual or automatic palletize;

2、Technical parameters
Model: MT-110-2S
L*W*H: 8.4M*0.7M*1.1M
Power: 0.45kw
Capacity:25,000 eggs/hour
3、suitable for: fresh hen eggs




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